5 Tips to Start a Fit Lifestyle

June 8, 2016

Your Fitness and Health Supports the Success and Wellness of your Life and Relationships


Most people sacrifice their health first to get things done--putting off sleep, eating poorly and skipping exercise when in fact,  your fitness and health supports your success.


When you sacrifice your health, you borrow from your quality of life because it will eventually take its toll mentally, emotionally and physically and sometimes with lasting effects.


Having a Fit Lifestyle is not just about weight loss. ​​

Tied to our desks, commuting long hours driving in our cars, only to sit on our couches to 'decompress' at the end of the day -- studies are finding that our sedentary lifestyle is killing us. Time for your health and fitness is not just a good idea but is ESSENTIAL to your well-being. It's even been said that the busier you are, the more you should carve time out to unplug and get moving--physically.



So, how do you find time? Where do you even start? Here's a few tips:


1.  START SMALL. Begin with making the commitment to get to class at least 2x a week. When you show up for yourself, that commitment grows! Gradually adding to your goals as you build your fit lifestyle.  


Some small steps: switching to sparkling water from soda, adding vegetables to all your meals or carrying your own water bottle to remember to drink more water throughout the day.



2.  Set yourself up for success by MAKING TIME.  At the beginning of the week, schedule and set your workout/classes for that coming week. This makes it easier for you to get to your classes and not have to find time in the middle of your week where exercising becomes an afterthought. Make the time for yourself.



3.  GET MORE SLEEP. A good night's sleep is your body's way of recovery and powering up. If you have poor sleep or no sleep, you run your body down. Getting sleep enables you to have energy, clarity and focus to follow through with your goals.


How to get more sleep? Power off your devices an hour before bedtime, set a routine to wind down by having tea or reading a book. Restorative yoga classes are also helpful in learning how to slow down and relax.​


4.  VARIETY is KEY.  Adding a mix of classes to your workout keeps things fresh and keeps your ​​routine from getting boring. 



5.  KEEP GOING.  Every day, every moment is an opportunity to begin again. Start small, make time, get more sleep and create a full, well and whole life. 



Sarah is the co-owner of Iron Pagoda Athletic Club. As a mom, business owner, instructor and many other hats, she knows the value of taking time for fitness. She enjoys yoga, kung fu and martial arts-based fitness classes.


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5 Tips to Start a Fit Lifestyle

June 8, 2016

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