3 Easy Things You Can Do Now to Lose Weight

April 11, 2017



1. Eat Slowly.
Start with creating a foundational habit of slowing down. Sit down and enjoy your meal.  Chew slow.  Food should be nourishing and enjoyable and not just for 'fuel'.  Eating slowly helps with better digestion and eating the right portion.

"As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I often feel that I am rushing from one thing to the next.  No matter what is going on, I make sure I take a break to eat and act on it as an opportunity to be more present, to slow down and enjoy the food as nourishment vs. something I have to get out of the way." - Sarah




2. Drink more water.
A recent study has found that 2/3 of Americans are not drinking enough water!  Water is essential to keep our body functioning and yet most people are not getting enough. Go by the 8x8 rule (Drink 8 eight ounces of water per day).

Want to amp the challenge? Trade in the sugary drink (soda, latte, sweet tea) for a non-sugar alternative like sparkling water or tea.


"With apps and smartphones, it's easier more than ever to remember to drink enough water. Download an app for tracking water, or set alarms to remind you to drink up! One thing I like to do is to carry around a pretty water bottle. This keeps this practice 'in sight' for me."  - Sarah




3. Keep healthy snack alternatives to curb cravings. 
There's nothing worse than getting the craving attack when you are trying to build better eating habits. You will get cravings. Being prepared is key.  Try our favorite craving-busters: trail mix, apples and peanut butter/sunflower butter, cottage cheese and applesauce and popcorn are some of our favorites!

"Sweets are my weakness and we are a big snacking family. To curb the cravings, we stock up on 'better-for-you' snacks like beef jerky, yogurt smoothies, bananas with dark chocolate."  - Sarah



We challenge you to try these out for 1 week and let us know how you did!
We'd love to hear from you! Email sarah@ironpagodagym.com


Sarah is the co-owner of Iron Pagoda Athletic Club. As a mom, business owner, instructor and many other hats, she knows the value of taking time for fitness. She enjoys yoga, kung fu and martial arts-based fitness classes.




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