Character, Focus, Strength, Discipline, Community



The only things necessary to be a Young Warrior is the willingness to learn and a good attitude. Every child has strengths and weaknesses that come out during class. Our goal is to develop character in your child so that their strengths become assets and their weaknesses become goals.



Every potential student goes through a two stage process consisting of an interview and two week trial period in order to be accepted into the Young Warriors program. Once accepted, the student and parent must make a commitment to  a minimum of 3 months. This is important in order to maintain the quality of our learning environment.



Part of what makes Young Warriors so great is the class size. We maintain a small group setting so each child is personally coached and not left behind. If classes are full your child will be put on our waiting list until a opening is available. Our goal is quality and not quantity. Our instructors teach youth because they believe that the passing down of the ancient arts is an investment into each child's life that in turn will better the community.





Wednesday 4:00pm - 4:30p

Friday 4:00pm - 4:30pm

Saturday 11:45am - 12:15pm



Young Warriors is far more than a youth martial arts class.  Our program utilizes the small group setting to develop strong leadership and team building character traits in your child. Contrary to the McDojo style of youth martial arts classes that have large groups and hand out belts regularly, the Young Warriors program focuses on devlopeing community and excellence with realistic performance expectations.


The focus of each class is on  self-discipline, focus, self-confidence, and physical awareness through traditional Chinese Martial Arts in a safe fun environment.


Classes include:

1. Breathing Exercises - to develop focus and a calm mind

2. Physical Training - to develop a strong body and focused mind

3. Forms - to develop solo martial art skill

4. Games - to develop a healthy competitive attitude

5. Martial Art Application - to develop self-defense skill

6. Discussion - to develop listening and communication skills



Additionally, students are taught in English as well as Mandarin Chinese. Learning to count, identify instructors and techniques in Chinese helps deepen your child's knowledge and understanding of the ancient arts.



SOUTHERN LOHAN FIST - This art is characterized by its low stances, large sweeping movements, power, and full body expression. This art is a great way for your child to be begin learning self-defense. It develops strength, focus, control and full body awareness.


SOUTHERN PRAYING MANTIS - This art is characterized by its small movements, rapid striking and power generation. This art is great for those students who are in their pre-teen years (10-12). It develops fine tuned muscle and body control as well as the necessary tools for real world self-defense. **At this stage students may also be eligible to join the adult classes. (Upon invitation)

For questions regarding the Young Warrios program: PHONE:  (608) 305 - 4312 or E-MAIL